Private Dog Training

What Is Private Dog Training?

Private dog training works with your lifestyle and your individual needs by customizing training for exactly what your dog needs. You get one-on-one attention to the specifics you need most. You can address difficult behavior issues not typically taught in a group obedience class or typical doggie behaviors if you don't have time or inclination to attend a group class.  Single or multiple session packages are available.

Sarah and her 'pack' of farm puppies & dogs, cats and kids.  The dogs are learning to sit & wait politely.

Sarah & Ryan, Bentley & Remy learning to be calm seeing other dogs in the park.

Emma & Nani used to fight violently just being close together – now they are learning to walk nicely along with each other – a happy family again – Sandy and Anna are delighted!

Teach Good Manners

  • Listen to all family members

  • Greet guests politely

  • Come when you call

  • Walk nicely on leash

  • Chew on the right toys

  • Bark at the right times

  • Stay home alone confidently

  • Sit instead of jumping on you

  • Settle down when you ask

  • Do fun "jobs"  & play games

Address Behavior Issues

  • House soiling

  • Chewing or Digging

  • Barking at other dogs or people on leash

  • Shy of people, things or other dogs

  • Puppy or other biting

  • Pulling on Leash

  • Guarding toys, food, beds or people

  • Chasing - escaping

  • Not Coming when called

  • Separation anxiety

What Types of Behavior Can Be Addressed in Private Training?

How Do You Train?

Most of dog training is about day to day living with your dog. We show you how to help your dog do the day to day behaviors your dog needs to know, coach you through how to teach them in fun games, so both you and your dog are having fun and you are confident you know what you are doing.   You learn to show your dog how to behave while having fun and building a great bond with your dog.

We use positive reinforcement or reward-based training games and exercises.  We praise & reward your dog for doing the 'right thing' and prevent and redirect away from the wrong choices.  


Free coaching by email or phone is available between and after sessions for quick help & adjustments.

How Do I Talk with Deb About Whether Private Training Can Help Me and My Dog?

For questions, information, schedules & sign-ups

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Dayo, Wildlife Safari's companion dog for Pancake the cheetah, just needed some help to walk nicely on leash so he could get rid of

that prong collar.

Private Dog Training Schedules & Prices

Saturdays at 11:30pm, 1:30pm & 3:30pm 

Some Thursday Sessions During Truffle Season (December - March)

  • 1st 90-Minute Training Session - $150

  • Individual One-Hour Sessions After the 1st Session - $100 Each

If you book a package at the end of your 1st session there is a small discount

Packages include the first session:

  • 3 Session Package - $330

  • 6 Session Package - $610

Sessions are typically 2-6 weeks apart (not every week).

Free Email or Phone Support Throughout & After

Call or email for custom private or group training packages & schedules.

For inquiries and appointments

Email or call Deb Walker

Download Questionnaire for Private Training Session

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