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Puppy Classes

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Puppy Class Schedules

Puppy 1 Classes - Six 1-hour Sessions - Each Thursday for six weeks​​

If you would like to sign up - go to the contact page

& send a note with pup's name, birthdate & breed.

Next Classes:

October 14th, 2021

  • Puppies Age 7 to 13 weeks on Week 1 of Class - 6:30 pm

  • Puppies Age 14 to 18 weeks on Week 1 of Class - 5:00 pm

  • Puppies at the upper end of the age range sometimes go to a 3:30 pm class if there are more older puppies

Be sure to socialize your new puppy with as many new people as you can under these trying COVID times as their critical socialization window is between 4 & 16 weeks of age!

Yes!  Before they are fully vaccinated!

Take them to SAFE places, like big box stores, work, your neighbors homes (if neighbor's dogs are fully vaccinated) - let them meet people and puppy-friendly dogs.

Do not go to dog parks, regular parks, rest stops, downtown streets, vet parking lots, etc.

Don't go anywhere that unvaccinated dogs my have been.

Wash your puppy's feet when you get home.

Keep your outside shoes outside - put on clean indoor-only shoes when you get home.

Visitors should take off their shoes & wash their hands.

Minimum class size - 4 puppies - Maximum Class size 8 puppies

Classes are 'beginning puppy' for slightly different age groups - all covering similar topics.

 K9-Behavior Company | Early Socialization | Puppy Training Classes | Schedules | Parvo-safe

Enroll your Puppy in Training Classes with K9-Behavior Company | Douglas County & Roseburg | Oregon | Teaching You to Train Your Puppy

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