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Service Dog Training

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What Is a Service Dog?

Service dogs assist people with disabilities by performing tasks for them they could not otherwise do by themselves.  Assistance with these tasks gives people with disabilities freedom to be independent and not reliant on other people.


Typical service tasks include picking up dropped items, opening doors, turning on/off lights, alerting to phones, door bells, smoke alarms, or other sounds, helping with balance & standing up and many more tasks.

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Terrie & Shalie

Shalie, a 14 month old white German Shepherd, helps Terrie by retrieving things as she is confined to her wheel chair. Shalie also helps Terri take her socks off, open doors and carry things. We helped Terrie train Shalie herself. Now she can be independent and teach Shalie new things as needed.

Local Service Dog Private Training

We can help you train your own service dog, teach your current service dog new tasks, or just help tune-up task performance.  Service Dog Training Packages can be totally customized to each person's individual needs. Please call or email to chat about options. Most service dog training costs on average about $60 per hour.  Since you learn a lot in a single session, you do the training yourself between sessions and make good forward progress.

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